Scanshare Essentials Overview

Scanshare Essentials is a powerful yet easy-to-use scanning solution, thanks to its wizard-driven and intuitive user interface. Scanshare Essentials includes customisable image processing and storage capabilities that automate both simple and complex workflow processes.

Essentials’ user-friendly scanning client helps to improve efficiency by reducing the time associated with the scanning and processing of paper-based information. The Essentials client software is embedded into a wide range of modern multifunctional devices (MFDs or office ‘photocopiers’). Communicating with the Essentials server, the operator can then load information from the document with the inbuilt Zone OCR or Barcode modules or by optionally entering key information (metadata) at the MFD while scanning. Essentials can then make automated decisions as to how to distribute and deliver the digital documents. The application makes internal procedures faster and more productive while reducing workflow costs and allows companies to concentrate on  business opportunities, rather than time-consuming administrative procedures.

With Scanshare Essentials, companies of any size can explore the possibilities of document capture, which has previously been a major investment. Scanshare Essentials introduces easy operation and affordability for businesses of all sizes.

Scanshare Essentials

Feature Rich and Cost Effective Scan Solution

  • Scan from the panel of a multifunctional device or drop into a designated filesystem watch folder  
  • Intelligent barcode detection and page separation  
  • Optical character recognition converts scans into formats such as PDF and Microsoft® Word and Excel
  • Zone recognition to automatically extract and process information from document regions  
  • Output to a range of systems including Windows Filesystem, SharePoint®, Office 365, Google® Drive, DropBox and a host of cloud-based file hosting providers  
  • Integrate into your ERP system with XML data export 

Unique Features as Standard

  • Embedded scan client
  • Watch folder input  
  • Barcode recognition  
  • Unlimited Zone and full page OCR  
  • Folder browsing from multifunctional  
  • SQL pick list integration  
  • Email Delivery
  • Windows File System output
  • Integrated with cloud service providers
  • Connect to SharePoint Online
  • Export XML meta data and image data to external ERP/CMS/DMS

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