Scanshare Enterprise Overview

Scanshare Enterprise takes data capture, processing and workflow to the next level.  Enterprise gives you the tools to bring together many sources of information inside an organisation, streamline and optimize the content, distribute for approval and finally store in your filesystem or document management system.

Scanshare Enterprise Diagram - By DocuSolve

Visual Workflow Editor

Enterprise’s advanced Visual Workflow editor allows you to see a visual overview of processes applied to the documents in a workflow. The workflow area is divided into the three main processes; Capture, Process and Store, allowing you to see at a glance the steps involved in the process. The intelligent scripting module allows for automated decision making and the interface also allows for multiple paths for documents. Each subsequent step in the workflow allows you to add a notification, seen as the numbers located on the lines in the image below. Powerful OCR and scripting capabilities allow workflows to be split along different paths with different notifications. As an example, the value of a Purchase Order processed determines if an Accounts Payable clerk is notified, or above specified limits determined in the workflow, the Accounts Manager or Finance Director would receive an email notification.


Powerful and flexible

Very few applications in the market can claim such power and flexibility. Interfaces with popular business packages such as LEAP, Affinity and ELO allows Scanshare Enterprise capabilities to tackle business documents like never before:

  • Capture data from scanned documents, email, electronic documents and database events
  • Transform and normalize data into standard searchable formats
  • Analyze content and trigger actions based on conditions and rules
  • Drive approval processes and transactional authorizations
  • Connect to dozens of DMS and ERP systems, cloud-based file hosting providers and networked file servers
  • Design and deploy information workflows on demand, from the web-based visual designer
  • Manage a cluster of Enterprise servers and balance the workload of large deployments
  • Track jobs and notify users at key stages; report analytical data on workflow usage, user job volumes and multifunctional connectivity
  • Create triggers, actions and connections with the .NET SDK and scripting APIs

Unique Features as Standard

  • Embedded indexing engine
  • Load balancing
  • Cluster manager
  • Variety of data sources
  • Content analyser
  • Condition/rules based action engine
  • .NET SDK

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