Scanshare Overview

Scanshare is a flexible document capture solution designed with just one purpose: increase workflow efficiencies. Direct from the control panel of your favorite office multifunctional device (MFD), or from the desktop of your PC, Scanshare makes the capture and processing of paper documents into an effortless, one-touch process. Scanshare is able to convert paper documents to over 20 different types of output format, including PDF/A, Microsoft® Office and XML. With connections into dozens of external systems such as business platforms, ERPs and document management systems (SharePoint, Office 365, Google Docs, Hummingbird, etc) Scanshare is the perfect bridge between your paper world and digital systems.

Scanshare enables you to integrate your paper documents into your information workflow by converting paper documents into searchable, digital files, improving users’ productivity. Compatible with leading manufacturers of desktop scanners and multifunctional devices, Scanshare enables users to access one-touch scanning workflows that can capture all types of paper documents and distribute the data via email, file servers and document management systems. Scanshare can also automate business processes which require data contained in barcodes, document zones and marks by extracting this data automatically and feeding it into business systems, databases and scripts.

Comparison Feature Table


metro-essentials-3 metro-enterprise
Embedded multifunctional client tick tick
Watch folder input tick tick
Unlimited optical character recognition tick tick
Zonal optical character recognition tick tick
Output to searchable PDF format tick tick
SQL picklist integration tick tick
Standard barcode recognition tick tick
Standard image processing tick tick
Standard connector to SharePoint 365 tick tick
Standard connectors to cloud file hosting tick tick
Structured data export tick tick
User authentication (Windows Server/Active Directory) tick tick
Output to Microsoft Office file formats tick tick
Enhanced barcode recognition Not Available tick
Enhanced image processing Not Available tick
Document annotations Not Available tick
Notification/messaging Not Available tick
Optical mark recognition Not Available tick
Forms recognition and anchoring Not Available tick
Automatic document recognition Not Available tick
Advanced scripting module Not Available tick
SQL output connection Not Available tick
User import from Windows server Not Available tick
User import from Active Directory Not Available tick
User import from LDAP cross tick
Visual,web-based workflow designer Not Available tick
Enhanced watch folder input Not Available tick
Business systems connectors cross tick
Embedded document indexing engine Not Available tick
Advanced bitonal compression cross tick
Intelligent character recognition Not Available tick
Cluster manager Not Available tick
Load balancing Not Available tick
Workflow actions engine Not Available tick


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