Print Management

Many organisations have now seen the financial and environmental impact of unmanaged print environments. Rising print costs are caused by fragmented purchasing, ownership and unmanaged consumables. Lack of print management tools means that executives have little control over which staff are printing what, where and when. Many organisations have invested in costly Multi-Function Devices – MFDs. Far less exploit their full capabilities, in document capture, volume management, or the use of built-in management consoles. DocuSolve’s Print Management process works hand-in-hand with your business. Our aim is to increase efficiency and decrease your staff input and output costs. We utilise efficiency and automation techniques to make savings and a very useful by-product is a lower environmental impact. We can integrate with many existing systems to leverage your existing investment. We can recommend the right solution for your particular situation.

Business Optimisation

In today’s business world, the need to optimise the use of key business applications and existing hardware is critical. This is true whether the business is a large global enterprise or a small or medium local business. Every successful organisation is looking at ways of improving processes and making the most of their existing resources and applications. DocuSolve is comprised of specialist veterans from the Print and Photocopier and the Information Technology industries. For more than 20 years we’ve been carrying out close examinations of business systems, print management, document processes, information security, network security, access policies and cost-reduction. This has led to the development of our ‘Print Audit’ system. A full examination of the business and its processes is undertaken. A formal report is produced to the client detailing the increased capability and accurately projected savings. We then employ best-of-breed products and efficiency principles to achieve the client’s stated purpose at the lowest possible cost.

MFD Integration

Printer and copier manufacturers have now widely accepted the use of third-party software solutions. Most vendors have allowed access to the devices API (Application Programming Interface). DocuSolve is partnered with suppliers that write the software that accesses the device API, giving unprecedented control of the device. For example, Print Management software controls user access to the physical device and release of documents from an external database, which minimises wasteful printing. Similarly, Scan Management software accessing the device API gives the user at the front panel the means to control both the input and output of the document. Typically, by accessing some business system, tying the document on the scanner to an entity and then loading the document and metadata to the business system. MFD integration is what allows for automated document processing.

MPS Partner Management

DocuSolve has many Managed Print Services, or MPS, partners that handle nearly every brand. We can bring about monthly cost savings and take away the worry of device ownership and maintenance, often without the need for any upfront capital investment. We’ll take the time to understand your particular situation and advise of the best value partner to contact, or manage that part of the relationship for you. DocuSolve specialises in providing support and cost-relief to businesses that utilise documents, paper and electronic, which is nearly all businesses and certainly your business. Our knowledge of Document Management Systems and techniques make us a leader in the field and we’re well-placed to advise on the most cost-effective solution for your particular environment. Make contact with us today to start making savings.

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