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Mazars Australia are a Sydney and Melbourne-based accounting firm that provide a complete range of accounting, taxation and audit services to individuals and businesses with a full extension of professional services to their international clients with Australian interests. Mazars commitment to satisfying client business requirements ensures that they become an integral part of the overall business strategy of each of their clients.

Mazars is a progressive firm, which continues to seek opportunities to grow and improve the quality of client service. The invested solutions and services ensure that Mazarscan meet the demands of their clients’ businesses; their focus is to provide an innovative range of relevant and value added services to successful growing enterprises.

At Mazars, they believe that personal attention is the key to good service. The way of ensuring this is delivered to their clients is by the formulation of small teams that quickly become familiar with respective clients.  Mazars feels that continuity of staff is also important, a high turnover is unsettling for both parties and they recognise the benefits of retaining staff at all levels. A large part of their internal communications program therefore is targeted towards staff well-being. Mazars prides itself on the skills and expertise of its employees. To provide optimal quality and service to its client base, Mazars recognises the importance of attracting, retaining and developing skilled and performance-orientated personnel.


The following was provided by Mr Dean Newman, Director Mazars:

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“Our approach in providing innovative advice to clients is inherent in our internal structure.  We value innovation and look to our experienced and dynamic partners for the continuous improvement of processes, products and services”, says Dean Newman, “Our focus is on our clients, ensuring every effort is made to provide client service excellence”.


The Challenge

At Mazars we have been experiencing reliability and support issues against our aging fleet of copiers, printers and our client billing software – ‘Bill Back’. With our pending move into new premises I felt this was an ideal opportunity to review all of our workflow processes and challenge how things were currently being done, while reviewing the cost to the business from both a hard cost and importantly soft cost, i.e. how many ‘man hours’ were being spent reconciling and on charging disbursements to clients.

I wanted to engage with an independent company who understood the Accounting business model and who could provide Mazars with a cost effect solution, introducing simplicity, automation, reliability and turning our workflow cost centres into profit centres.


The Solution

DocuSolve were highly recommended to Mazars, and proved to be the company who best understood our business objectives and who could deliver our short and long term goals. I sat down with Mr. Gordon Bishop, Solutions Director of DocuSolve, and he presented a technology roadmap for Mazars showing precisely the benefits and efficiencies (cost and environmental) that the new solution would introduce.

With their in-depth knowledge in the Accounting industry and the solution bespoke to Mazars business requirements, DocuSolve provided us with a full end-to-end client billing solution comprising of their flag ship ‘Client Billing Device Management Software’, integrating directly into our MYOB providing real time client disbursements and reporting, end-user ease-of-use, disbursement accuracy, including state of the art multi-functional copiers to meet with our new office layout, redeployment and management of existing printers while providing all the toners, maintenance, support and contract flexibility across our entire site and fleet.


The Results

On completion of the full solution being installed our Return of Investment (ROI) was immediate. I have basically introduced automated client billing software, brand new equipment and a full managed service program for a lot less than I used to pay with continued savings being introduced.

Compared to our previous equipment and how we used to do things, with our new DocuSolve solution we increased our hardware (for a better balance of new office footprint), we installed a professional and comprehensive client billing software, we introduced automation directly into our practice management software and from day one we still experienced savings of approximately 21% on our ‘hard costs’. Couple these savings with our new ‘soft costs’ savings which we have been able to achieve by saving time when reconciling and processing our client disbursements. The time taken to process this data has been reduced from around 3 hours now taking less than 3 minutes due to the new software we have installed, which has turned our cost centre into a profit centre.

What has become apparent is that since using the DocuSolve solution Mazars on a whole has seen a reduction in paper usage and copy/print output, in turn we are seeing ongoing savings. With our periodic account reviews and the flexibility of our agreement means we are able to align our business usage to meet with our output trends. Mazars has been experiencing ongoing volume and cost reduction which enables us to invest our continued savings back into our business and clients.

Another area of great value as standard is that we have confidential and secure print release. When handling our client’s information, security of printing and document capture environments are an integral part of our company’s overall security strategy. Installing these measures adds to our client’s confidence and reassurance in how we protect their information and look after them.


Benefits at a Glance

Improvements from implementing DocuSolve solution

• Significant saving in administrative time by importing weekly print/copy disbursement reports directly into our MYOB Practice Management software

• Ability to sign in to multiple devices with intuitive user interface to assign client matter, retrieve printing or scan to the network

• Considerable reduction in the risk of incorrect reporting by eliminating the need for manual data input of weekly reports

• Extremely versatile reporting options on our printing/copying output that helps identify where cost savings can be made or passed on to clients where appropriate

• Ability to monitor individual staff usage

• Peace of mind that all printing equipment, including cartridge replacement, is maintained under our user agreement

• Evolving agreement that is tailored to our trends in business usage so that we can easily project costs in the forthcoming period

• Introduction of confidential print release

• Sizable reduction of copy and print output

• Considerable reduction in paper wastage

• Significant savings financially

• Introduction of environmentally friendly workflow processes

Above benefits provided by the Internal IT Systems Administrator, Mazars